How can we help you?

The questions and answers that follow are generic in nature. As such, we are providing a guideline only. Please note that we cannot anticipate every scenario possible. Octagon always prefer to provide a detailed and accurate specification and quotation at an early stage. With this approach, you know precisely what we are offering and the cost. Afterall, the investment in a lift is a significant one, therefore we consider the effort involved in providing an accurate price and specification to be important.

Residential Lifts

What is a platform lift?

A platform lift is a mobility solution that offers elderly and disabled individuals the comfort and convenience of an elevator combined with the ease and safety of independent use. Unlike stairlifts that need often require assistance to operate, platform lifts allow for greater freedom because the controls are accessible from within the lift itself.

Can I have a lift installed in my existing home?

Yes you can. A platform lift is ideal for installation in a home. The lift comes with its own shaft and can be installed within the building if there is space, or on an external wall of the home. We recommend you call and discuss with our Sales Team and we can provide a Quotation to you.

Enquire now or call 08 6363 5953.

How much do I need to budget for supply and installation of a lift in my home?

For the base model Platform lift with a capacity of 400 kg and two stops, budget for $ 40,000 to $ 45,000 excluding GST, Perth Metro Area only.

If you live outside Perth Metro area (50 km radius from Perth GPO), please advise and we can let you know the approximate additional cost.

An allowance for any Builders Works needs to be added to the figure provided above.

How much are builders works likely to cost me for the lift installation?

Due the significant range of issues to be considered, this aspect of the lift installation needs to be looked at by the a Builder and quoted.

Octagon can provide the name of two builders in Perth that regularly complete this type of work.


My lift is unreliable. Will it require replacement or an upgrade?

This can only be answered once we have inspected your lift and understand the age and condition of the equipment. Then we can provide a budget price or a detailed quotation.

Call us on 6363 5953 to enquire.

The lift in one of the buildings I manage is old, what can I do to improve the reliability of the lift?

Please call or email us

We can review the condition of your lift and recommend maintenance and upgrade options.

I am a property / building manager. How long will it take to replace my lift?

If the lift is being upgraded or replaced, we will provide a detailed program of work with our quotation.

Lift upgrades typically take less time than a complete replacement.

For Lift replacements, the rule of thumb durations are

  • 1 week for removal of the existing lift
  • 1 week for building works, this depends on scope
  • 1 week per floor + 1 week (for lift replacement).

Therefore, for a lift with 3 floors, that needs to be removed and replaced, with additional building works, the time to replace your lift = 1 + 1 + 4 = 6 weeks ball-park estimate.

How much does it cost to upgrade my lift?

Octagon will not provide a budget price without completing an inspection of your lift. Once an inspection is completed, we can provide budget prices with options for your consideration, or we can provide a detailed Quotation.

How long have you been upgrading lifts in commercial buildings?

Lift upgrades and replacements are a core part of our business and we have been completing this specialist type of work since 2007.

Therefore we have the experience and expertise to work confidently with Lift Replacements and Upgrades.

Service & Repairs

I am trapped in a lift. What should I do?
  • Firstly stay calm.
  • Press the Emergency call button in the lift.
  • Wait for a response.
  • Speak in a calm, clear manner.
For lifts in a commercial use building, how often should I have my lift serviced?

If your lift is a registered Lift in WA, the minimum requirement is an annual service and inspection by a competent lift company. A lift with greater use, complexity or age will need to serviced more frequently to ensure it is safe. Service frequency may be:

  • Monthly / 12 services/year ‚Äč
  • Bi-monthly / 6 services/year
  • Quarterly / 4 services/year

Call our Service team to discuss.

My lift is in Western Australia in a commercial use building. Why do I need to have my lift registered?

Schedule 4.2 of the WA Occupational Safety and Health Regulations require the following individual items of plant to be registered.

[Regulations 4.14, 4.15 and 4.34(2)]


My building is changing over to nbn, what do I need to do to ensure my lift emergency phone is still working?

Octagon can assist with connection of your lift emergency phone. Call our service team on 08 6363 5953 or contact us.

For more information, the Department of Communication and Arts have produced the following documents -

“Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services good practice guide”

What types and makes of lifts do you service?

We service the following:

  • Passenger lifts
  • Equal Access Lifts / Platform Lifts for wheelchairs
  • Service lifts (Dumbwaiters)
  • Goods Lifts
  • Call our Service Team to discuss on 08 6363 5953
Do you service lifts in the country regions of Western Australia?

Yes we do.

We carry out regular visits to the following regions:

  • Southwest including Bunbury, Busselton and Margaret River
  • Narrogin and Albany
  • Geraldton
  • Broome
  • Karratha and
  • Port Hedland