Goods Hoists & Lifts

Goods Hoists & Lifts

Octagon was founded on the supply and installation of BKG Service Lifts and Goods Lifts.

BKG Goods Lifts offer exceptional reliability and a long service life in heavy duty commercial applications.


  • Robust and heavy duty equipment, designed to withstand the rigours of Goods Hoist use
  • Made in Germany by BKG (Bunse-Aufzuge GmbH), a world leader in design and manufacture of Goods Lifts
  • BKG manufacture more than 2500 service and goods lifts each year
  • Octagon is BKG Lifts’ technical and sales agent in the Asia-Pacific region (since 1983)
  • With over 30 years experience, Octagon can offer reliable and consistent service, support and expertise
  • BKG goods lifts are used worldwide in commercial kitchens and the marine industry (ships), with an unrivaled record for reliable performance with heavy duty workload

Standard technical features:

  • Self-supporting structure is included in the design, allowing for accurate and fast installation
  • Standard finish is galvanised shaft structure, cabin and doors
  • Loading is available on one side, opposite sides or adjacent sides
  • Motor with compact worm gear drive
  • Plug and play microprocessor controls, with low voltage design
  • Complete factory pre-wiring that is fully tested
  • Call and send control including key switch for restricted use
  • Car and shaft lighting

Options available:

  • Stainless steel doors and cabins
  • Fire rated doors
  • Custom design features including cabin and shaft sizing is available in 100 mm increments for shaft width and depth
  • Goods Hoist with attendant (includes lift cabin internal buttons)

Goods Hoist specifications - 500 to 2000 kg:

Type / model 500.10 1000.15 2000.15
Maximum Load kg 500 1000 2000
Speed 0.10 m/s 0.15 m/s 0.15 m/s
Shaft width mm 1515 1825 2525
Shaft depth mm 1630 1940 2240
Car width x depth mm 1000 x 1400 1300 x 1700 2000 x 2000
Car height (internal) mm 1800 1800 2000
Minimum Headroom mm 3200 3100 3300
Minimum pit depth mm 170 170 170
Note: Technical details above are provided as an example only and are not for final specification or construction.

Custom size goods hoists:

If the standard sizes do not meet your requirements, custom size and capacity  Goods Hoists are available.