Platform Lifts

Platform Lifts

Platform Lifts - Commercial

Cibes Platform Lifts offer a space saving and smart solution for access to new and existing buildings.

Features and Advantages:

  • Affordably priced and fast to install
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Load capacity from 400 to 1000 kg
  • Requires no separate shaft or machine room, offering substantial construction cost savings
  • Minimum pit requirement reduces construction costs
  • Designed and made in Sweden
  • Install in new and existing buildings
  • Glazing available for 3 sides of the shaft to create a feature and light well

Technical Features:

  • Screw driven platform offers reliable, long life operation and low power consumption
  • Select from single or three phase power
  • Multiple door configurations available with opposite and adjacent entrances
  • Various options available including colour schemes and automatic door opener
  • Ideal for installation in existing buildings

Cibes Platform Lifts

Model: A5000 A6000 A8000
Load kg: 400 or 500 400 1000
Standard platform sizes:
(width x depth) mm
1100 x 1467
1100 x 1567
1100 x 1400
1405 x 1975
1405 x 2475
1105 x 2175
Pit depth mm: 50 70 130
Minimum Headroom mm: 2250 2700 2400
Note: Technical details above are provided as an example only and are not for final specification or construction. Custom size platforms are available for Model A5000.

Outdoor service - level to level

  • Platform lifts are ideal to achieve Equal Access at building entrances
  • Reliable weather proof equipment
  • Custom finishes and colours available as factory standard

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Do you want to install a lift in an existing building?

Where no lift shaft exists, a Platform Lift offers a cost effective and high quality solution to establish access between levels in an existing building. This can either be achieved inside the existing building structure or externally. 

Installation inside a building.

The Cibes Platform Lift can be supplied with 3 of the walls as glass. This creates a feature inside the building structure. 


  • External shaft installation:

    This external shaft was installed on an existing building to provide access from Ground level to the first floor.

  • Broome installation with ramp entrance:

    A 50 mm pit was not available in this instance, so a checker-plate ramp was provided for the Platform lift entrance.

  • External Shaft Installation - existing building

    This platform lift is installed at a Perth school, allowing Equal Access from level to level.

  • Custom shaft colours available

    Custom factory range of colours are available for the shaft and platform.

  • Custom colour doors and glass shaft

    Custom colours and a glass shaft can create a feature of the lift and a natural light well.

  • Aluminium doors and glass shaft.

    Standard aluminium finish lift doors look stylish and modern.

  • Glass shaft inside a building

    Custom colours and a glass shaft create a feature inside this library.

  • Half height gate on top level

    A half height gate on the top level saves space and prevents the lift shaft obstructing the view from the upper level.

  • Control panel

    Buttons are large and easy to see and use.

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