Car Lifts

Car Lifts

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Vehicle lifts at divided into two (2) distinct categories.

  1. Lifts to transport vehicles between levels in a building and
  2. Car parking lifts to increase car parking space

Vehicle Lifting Systems for cars and trucks:

Vehicle lifts provide an alternative to ramps to transport vehicles from level to level in a building.
A vehicle lift can be designed to travel up to 12 metres maximum, with easy installation and maintenance.

Standard Vehicle lift specifications are:

KTS 2200
KTS 3000
KTS 6000
Maximum rated load kg
Travel metres
up to 10
up to 12
up to 12
Recommended Pit depth
500 mm
600 mm
1600 mm
Platform size (w x d) mm
(max. clear internal dimensions)
2440 x 5500 2440 x 550 3300 x 6800
Note: Technical details and dimensions above are provided as an example only and are not for final specification or construction.  

Custom size and capacity

Enquire with Octagon for custom size and capacity vehicle and equipment lifts.
  • Up to 15 tonne lift capacity available.

Car Parking Lifts:

Car parking lifts are an ideal solution to create more parking space in new buildings.
With the provision of a pit, this allows the top vehicle to arrive and depart without the need to move the lower vehicle.


Sample of Car Lift size:

Model type
Vehicle height clearance mm
Shaft width x depth mm
2700 x 5100
2950 x 5100
3150 x 5100
Platform width x depth mm
2250 x 5100
2500 x 5000
2700 x 5000
Minimum pit depth mm
Minimum Headroom mm
Note: Technical details and dimensions above are provided as an example only and are not for final specification or construction.

Vehicle Lifts:

Designing a car lift into a new building can offer significant space savings by eliminating ramps. Features of Vehicles Lifts provided by Octagon:
  • Custom size and capacity available
  • Robust and reliable lifting machinery and mechanisms
  • Heavy duty cabin and doors
  • Infrared door protection
  • Remote controls
  • Microprocessor controlled with high stopping accuracy and overload detection
  • Special industrial type rolls supplied with obstacle detection system, seamlessly integrated with the Microprocessor controller.
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Car Parking Systems:

During the construction phase, including a car parking system in the design can double the car parking space, adding significantly to the value and functionality of your development.

Features and Advantages:
  • Double the car parking space
  • Standard models suitable for vehicle height up to 1810 mm
  • Suitable for new buildings (not for retrofit to existing)
  • The top parking spot is independent of the lower parking spot due to the design including a lift pit.
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