Lifts for commercial use

Octagon can supply a range of lifts suitable for commercial buildings, available in standard sizes or with the flexibility and experience to offer customised designs.

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Our range of Commercial lifts include the following:

Passenger lifts
Suitable for high demand service such as hospitals, medical facilities and commercial multi-story buildings.
We offer standard and custom lift designs to suit new and existing buildings.
Platform lifts
An economical and smart design, ideal for installation in an existing or new commercial building servicing two (2) levels.
Service lifts & goods lifts
Octagon carry a stock range of 100 kg service lifts for quick supply and installation.
300 kg and larger units are specified and ordered to your requirements.
Equal access low rise platform lifts
Equal access platform lifts are available for low rise access between levels, for indoor or outdoor settings.
Vehicle lifts
Lifts designed to move cars or trucks from one level to another.
Car parking lifts, designed to increase storage capacity. 
Escalators & Moving Walkways
Octagon service and install escalators and moving walkways in shopping centres and commercial buildings.
Upgrade & modernise
Octagon have specialist expertise in upgrading and modernising lifts that have reached the end of their effective service life. 

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