Passenger Lifts

Passenger Lifts

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Octagon specialise in supply and installation of Commercial and Residential Passenger Lifts.
We offer Residential Passenger Lifts in standard sizes from 180 to 1000 kg.

Features and Advantages:

  • High quality interior finish
  • European design and manufacture
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Safety is integral to the design for lift operation and maintenance
  • Designed and built to provide a long service life
  • Exceptional leveling accuracy of +/-3mm
  • Option for Automatic emergency evacuation in the event of power failure

Technical features:

  • Ideal for low pit and headroom shafts
  • Minimum requirements for pit depth of 200 mm and headroom of 2700 mm.
  • Save on construction costs with the design flexibility to build the lift shaft using brick, concrete or steel
  • Standard and custom sizes available from 180 to 1000 kg.  


Popular Residential Lift sizes are:

Load kg: 450 630
Passengers: 6 8
Shaft width mm: 1550 1650
Shaft depth mm: 1625 1775
Door opening width mm: 800 800 or 900
Car width x depth mm: 1000 x 1250 1100 x 1400
Minimum pit depth mm: 350 350
Note: Technical details above are provided as an example only and are not for final specification or construction.

Cibes Lift Creator:

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  3. Try out different styles and colours
  4. Download details on right side

Residential Lifts for new houses

If you are considering a lift for your new house, talk to us early in the planning stages. There are a number of decisions to be made early in the design phase that can save you significant costs later on. You need to consider the following:

  • What type of lift is right for me?
  • Are spare parts going to be available long term?
  • How long has the business supplying my lift been in operation for?

At Octagon, we can answer all the above questions. 

  • We will help in selecting the right type of lift for your needs. 
  • Octagon use lift suppliers with long and successful track records to ensure quality of manufacture and spare parts that will be available for the long term. 
  • Octagon have been in business since 1979.  

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Residential lifts for new house

Do you want to install a lift in an existing house?

Platform Lifts offer a cost effective and high quality solution to establish access between levels in an existing building. This can either be achieved inside the existing building structure or externally. 

Christ Church Lift

Cabin styles and designs:

Cabin design styles start with simple, yet clean and stylish designs. Materials and designs can be selected from the range of factory standards finishes or a custom design with specific interior finishes can be provided

  • Modern Life L310

    Modern Life L310

    Style L310-3 with stainless steel walls and type O55 ceiling.

  • Modern Life L530

    Modern Life L530

    Style L530-2 with combination satin & mirror stainless walls and type O14 ceiling.

  • Classic Athena A510

    Classic Athena A510

    Style A510-3 with Wood veneer VC-1181 and type O10 ceiling with stainless mirror finish.

  • Classic Athena A510

    Classic Athena A510

    Style A510-1 with polish oak veneer walls and type O14 ceiling with gold mirror finish.

  • Classic Athena A310

    Classic Athena A310

    Style A310-4 with laminate walls HD2228 PL and type O10 ceiling.

  • Modern Life L510

    Modern Life L510

    Style L510-1 with blue glass walls and type O13 ceiling.

  • Modern Life L510

    Modern Life L510

    Style L510-3 with white glass walls and type O15 ceiling.

  • Future Trend T110

    Future Trend T110

    Style T110-3 with Melamine 402 walls and type special T110 ceiling.

  • Future Trend T310

    Future Trend T310

    Style T310-1 with curved painted steel walls and type special T310 ceiling.

  • Future Trend T510

    Future Trend T510

    Style T510-3 with painted steel walls in RAL 1028 with type T510 special ceiling.

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