Renovate or Downsize?

Renovate or Downsize?

01 November 2019
Renovate or Downsize?

As people age, they are faced with the difficult question of staying in the home they love or downsizing. If the home is multi-storey without a lift, many people assume they have to sell up and move.

Octagon Lifts can assess your home for installation of a Cibes Platform Lift to provide safe access from level to level. The cost to supply and install a platform lift is often lower than the cost of stamp duty and moving.

Once you understand all your options, downsizing may be the best for you.

Two great Western Australian books we recommend to help in your journey are:

  • Downsizing a Life: Finding Home After Three Score and Ten by Eversley Ruth Mortlock and
  • Nail Your Renovation without Getting Screwed by Steve Burke & Suzanne Burke
Contact us to discuss your options and discover more about how a residential lift can help you stay in your own home, for longer.